"2022, God's Called
God's Chosen"

Addressing The Theme:

"...yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread." It is this bold statement from now an older King of Israel that we can most certanly base our confidence and wholly trust in our God, Jehovah. No longer the little shepherd boy nor the unproven leader but an old man who has seen and experienced the unlimited and unmerited favor and grace of God. No excuses nor regrets from following the footsteps of this proven leader David. Those words give me the inspiration to elaborate further on Psalm 37:25.

After almost three years of battling the COVID-19 and all its' variants, the drastic unpick in the number of violent crimes across the United States of America, the dangerous political unrest and atmosphere between race and ethnicity, there is yet hope in God. Time always tells the story of how difficult times may become but God always provides for His own.

The answer to the problems that perplex us is in Jesus and we who are called by His name and chosen to be the living example of God's grave and truth must tell the story!

Let's see how far our faith can take us!

Peace In Jesus...

Pastor Greg Askew