"2023, God's Year of
Greatness and Glory"

Addressing The Theme:

One of the most often used statement in the Christian World is, “I am praying for you”. It is used in situations of joy, mourning, suffering and stated as a way of assuring one another of our continuing support and concern. We read it on Facebook posts, hear it on television and in passing others at church but how many people are taking the time to actually pray?

I believe if we were praying as much as it is stated we would not have as many problems in the world as we do today. Prayer actually changes things or conditions us for the change. Prayer is used throughout the bible as the tool to communicate to God for divine intervention in times of personal and national crisis.

My goal this year is to continue our course of corporate prayer at all services and remind the saints that Jesus said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer…”. Let’s today begin a revival of praying in our homes, churches and schools to invite God into our daily lives to direct our steps as we acknowledge Him.

When we do these things only then will we experience His Greatness and Glory in

Let's see how far our faith can take us!

Peace In Jesus...

Pastor Greg Askew